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To start a karate club

If you live in Sweden and wan´t to start a karate club there are a few things you have to do:

  • First you need to aquire an ID-number for your club (organisation number) which you can get from the tax office.
  • You need a board of 3 people minimum; chairman, treasurer and secretary.
  • You need to draw up statutes.
  • You need an instructor with previous, documented experience in karate.

When you have these requirements you can apply to become a member in the Karate federation through a form on our website.

If you are unfamiliar with the swedish democratic system of how to set up a club, and/or not yet fully understand the language required to comprehend the meaning of the system or the judicial requirements, we strongly recommend you to try and find someone with experience in the matter or who speaks fluent Swedish to assist you in the process. Alot of the documentation you need to take part of are only available i Swedish. For example,when you become a member club of our organisation you also need to understand, accept and follow the statutes and guidelines set up by the federation, such as regarding special consideration in training children and youth.

A club in Sweden are supposed to be open for everyone to join and should be able to provide possibilities to train on the same conditions regardless age, gender, religion or sexual orientation.


Link to more information (in swedish) >>

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